API reference
This documentation refers to the latest version of the API (3.0)

Whether you're looking to build an official Data Sports Group integration for your service, or you just want to build something awesome, we can help you get started.

The API works over the HTTPS protocol, and is accessed from the dsg-api.com domain.

  • The current endpoint is https://dsg-api.com.
  • All data is sent and received as XML by default and can be switched to JSON optionally (via ´&ftype parameter).
  • All times and dates are returned in CET timezone except atributes named _utc or different timezone set in the parameters
Current version
The current API version is 3.0.

The authentication on the Data Sports Group API works with 3 security layers.

Layer 1 - Every developer/client get along with their account an authentification key which need to be used in the API URL and should not be shared or visible in code.

Layer 2 - A password protection of your API which protects clients from malicious 3rd party usage of their API as the password need to be passed apart from the API URL. So even if the API URLs are compromised without the password it cannot be used.

Layer 3 - And lastly we whitelist access to API accounts and our images per domain to ensure security of your API in case the first 2 layers get compromised.

The API currently supports the XML format by default, as well as the JSON format optinally in case &ftype=json is used. So you can choose your desired format for your project.
Error Codes

Data Sports Group API uses the following error codes:

The request is malformed
Page or resource is not found
Too Many Requests
Server issues
Connection refused
Most likely cause is not using HTTPS